The Battle of Britain Bunker

We collaborated on the concept, creative direction and exhibition design of the new Battle of Britain Bunker Visitor Centre in Uxbridge for Hillingdon Council. The new building, situated a few metres away from the original underground Bunker, houses a permanent exhibition. Visitors are shown the inner workings of the Bunker, how the world’s first integrated air defence system developed, and the contribution of the many women and men who helped win the Battle of Britain.

Our concept was to create an exploded diagram of the complex system of communication that revolutionised air defence, known as The Dowding System. The contributions of both Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding, who devised the system, and Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park who ran the Bunker, are told through a series of immersive exhibits. Skellon Studio was project lead on this design and build project, collaborating with Seeing Things Creative on the concept, creative direction and exhibition design, with Clay Interactive for AV software design, AV hardware by Sysco and installation by Scena. Video shot by Clay.

“Working with Skellon Studio and Seeing Things to shape our ideas into something tangible, a beautifully designed and well considered show, has been a wonderful experience. We can’t wait for our visitors to see their work.” Daniel Stirland, Senior Curator: Museums, Archives and Local Studies, Hillingdon Council.