Millar McCall Wylie

Millar McCall Wylie is one of Northern Ireland’s leading law firms. MMW approached us in 2019 for a complete visual and tonal rebrand. The business had grown to the extent that it was catering for a larger international client base and required an in depth look at how they were communicating their ethos and fairly unique approach. MMW are an ‘everyone’s welcome’ law firm who have always been mindful not to neglect the small scale clients upon whom the firm was built. We devised a visual language that reflects the varied nature of their multi specialist teams and took an approach to photography, that re-enforces the personable and friendly nature of the way in which they work.

“We engaged Seeing Things Creative from the very outset of our re branding project and hugely benefited from not only their intuitive design work, but also their input into our key messaging. Throughout the process both Tristan and Justine worked very closely with us and our PR team to ensure the essence of our new and exciting brand was reflected in all our communications. The new brand has really assisted us in terms of our marketing and positioning.”

Christopher McCandless
Chief Operating Officer

Photography: Bradley Quinn