London Transport Museum

Hidden London: the Exhibition, is an immersive journey through forgotten parts of the Tube network that have been either abandoned or re-purposed. Co-designed with Skellon Studio, this temporary show occupies the museum’s Global gallery and is spread over 2 floors connected by a spiral staircase. We spent the best part of a year down tunnels and trawling through decommissioned equipment at London Transport’s depot in Acton to recreate the drama visitors get to experience on the Hidden London tours. The build is a mixture of film & audio installations, 3D graphics, set painting, dirt, ivy and original props. We also created an offically sanctioned London Underground map of disused stations. The design houses many artefacts from London Transport Museum’s collection including artworks by John Buckland Wright, Frank Dobson and Lee Miller.

*WINNER* – Best Temporary / Touring Exhibition of the year.

“We love a well-designed exhibition, and this is ​London Transport Museum’s best yet.” The Londonist ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

“I admit to feeling like I am illegally breaking in at the London Transport Museum’s ‘Hidden London’ exhibition, so brilliantly have they recreated the feeling of an abandoned Tube station.” Tincture of Museum