Museum of London Docklands – Fashion City

While Jewish people have long been associated with making clothes, the full extent of the contributions they made historically to London’s growing reputation as a global fashion capital, has been widely forgotten. Fashion City brings together people and places in London with garments, textiles, oral histories, objects and photography. This exhibition also recognises broader cultural immigration within the East End, and how different communities worked together.

The design is split across 2 galleries, one depicting the old East End, the other set out as a 1960’s West End, connected via a Central Line tube tunnel. We created large scale illustrations depicting architectural details of the buildings and tonally matching both the culturally rich closeness of the Jewish East End and the light Portland stone and grand boulevards of Regent Street. Utilising panels printed direct to plywood creates a warm and rich feel to an imagined Commercial Road, whilst Saville Row, Air Street and the buildings of the west are on printed vinyl, to reflect the sleek smoothness of the stone.

“It’s the best fashion exhibition I’ve seen in years”