Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral required a consolidation of their brand language into a coherent visual style. Historically a variety of approaches had been used and the result was a noticeable inconsistency in execution. In a building so large and cavernous, previous interpretation and wayfinding had a tendency to get lost and be swallowed up. By stripping back a multitude of brand colours, we simplified all the wayfinding and interpretation, making the building much easier to navigate. We made changes to the existing brand colour palette to help it sit better within the Cathedral, being noticeable but not fighting with its surroundings and at the same time increasing contrast on text making greater clarity. Typography was given a more precise rationale and works in a clear grid system that allows new or temporary interpretive panels to be consistently designed in-house with ease. Panels are housed in non-fixed, wood fameworks, which is not only sympathetic to the material structure of the Cathedral, but makes these panels inexpensive to update and switch around, as the need arises.

After the 2022 Visit England Quality Assurance assessment, the scores for the Attraction section reached 98% and won a Visit England Accolade for Best Told Story. The new interpretation scheme and the quality of the experience offered by guides as they interact with visitors accounted for the increase.